Vital Takeaways

Why We Invest

At Mainstreet, we invest more than capital. Every investment we make must align with our mission and vision to create a positive change in the world.


Transform Lives


Build Lasting Value

Investing more than capital to transform industries and build lasting value

Mainstreet drives investment through multiple channels to create disruptive, positive change.

Our investment philosophy is based around finding industries crying out for change, then finding the best way to provide the capital needed to fund that change and generate attractive returns at the same time. Every channel is carefully designed to transform lives while also building lasting value for both investors and society.

Mainstreet Investment Company

Mainstreet offers a variety of investment vehicles that historically earn attractive returns. No matter your risk or return profile, you’ll find an option with Mainstreet. And, at the same time, you’ll help to transform the lives around you for the better. An investment with Mainstreet is an investment in the future.

Mainstreet Property Group

Mainstreet Property Group can take advantage of several different business models, a benefit to the company and investors across all market cycles. Two business models that Mainstreet likes to utilize are the build/sell model for revenue and the build/hold model for long-term capital management.

Mainstreet Health

Mainstreet Health offers efficient, well-delivered health services to create a profitable health care operations model. Whether as a direct operator or by overseeing a third-party manager, Mainstreet Health drives investment through care models designed for long-term sustainability and high quality care.

Mainstreet Student Living

Mainstreet Student Living drives investments through a combination of real estate development and housing operations. Some projects are held long-term to be managed by the university, while others are managed directly by Mainstreet Student Living. Under both models, the focus on creating ideal student living environments provides attractive returns.