Building a Better Future

Vital Takeaways

Mainstreet specializes in:

  • Real estate development
  • Value investments
  • Health care

We are dedicated to fundamentally changing the way health care and housing are delivered in the United States.

Real Estate Development & Health Care Operations in Perfect Sync

Mainstreet is a national company specializing in real estate development, value investments, and health care. Our unique structure allows us to guide industry-transforming projects from start to finish, all the way from initial funding through continued operations. Our team is dedicated to fundamentally changing the way health care and housing are delivered in the United States. Through strategic partnerships with health systems, physician groups, and payors, we are pioneering new ideas that will improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of health care.

Core Divisions

Mainstreet is organized within functional divisions, each focused on a core aspect of our business. We believe focus is a fundamental key to success. As such, we pursue activities in – or immediately adjacent to – our core businesses.

Mainstreet Property Group

Our real estate development team resides within Mainstreet Property Group (MPG). Identifying investment opportunities and providing real estate services, MPG delivers turn-key, special-purpose development properties in which health care operators can offer their models of care. This is a product-based solution to defined needs in the marketplace. MPG serves both third-party health care operators and Mainstreet Health. MPG is also the development engine behind Mainstreet Student Living. The student communities built and managed by Mainstreet Student Living are created with the same precision and attention to detail as our award-winning health care properties.

Mainstreet Health

Mainstreet Health is Mainstreet’s health care operations company, consisting of experienced managers and care model architects working to redefine the health care industry. Mainstreet Health focuses on programmatic operations designed to address identified service gaps in the health care space. Mainstreet’s new post-acute health care brand, Rapid Recovery Center® (RRC), specializes in short-stay, patient centered care immediately following a hospital stay. Focused on efficiently getting patients well, RRC serves as the short-stay transition from the inpatient bed of the hospital to the home across a broad spectrum of acuity and complexity. RRC boasts Clinical Excellence, Technology & Communication, Culture & Patient Experience, and Purpose-Built Design as its four differentiators that will drive much-needed innovation into the post-acute care industry.