CJ Lukaart

Executive Vice President
Mainstreet Property Group

Vital Takeaways

15+ years in real estate and real estate development

Third employee hired at Mainstreet

Serves as head of Mainstreet Property Group

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CJ Lukaart embraces what it means to be a leader.

Christopher J. Lukaart (CJ) serves as the executive vice president of production, steering the course for Mainstreet Property Group. CJ was the third employee hired at Mainstreet, dating back to Mainstreet’s early days in 2008.

As EVP of production, CJ is responsible for leading Mainstreet Property Group, implementing new initiatives, setting the development pipeline, streamlining process, and managing outside relationships.

CJ’s career spans more than 15 years in real estate and real estate development. He most recently practiced law with Krieg DeVault LLP, focusing on commercial real estate acquisitions and development. Nearly ten years ago, he joined Mainstreet as general counsel, and took over the reins of Mainstreet Property Group a few years later.

CJ graduated from Valparaiso University Law School magna cum laude, and is currently licensed to practice law in both Indiana and Michigan. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Calvin College, and lives in Indianapolis. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Audra, and two children, Ayla and Sam, as well as traveling, golfing, and visiting Michigan.

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