Vital Takeaways


Mainstreet exists to transform lives. This is why we wake up in the morning. Our team is dedicated to disrupting and innovating industries that subscribe to “the way things have always been.” With an eye toward consumer experience, Mainstreet is pioneering new ideas into sectors desperate for change and improvement. And we’re just getting started.


Mainstreet seeks to build lasting value by investing in things that matter. Our business model revolves around bringing sustainable, radical change to industries in need of transformation. By focusing on sectors in which the consumer has long been neglected, Mainstreet is committed to offering an upgrade uncommon to the status quo.

Mainstreet Core Values

Think Differently

We’re not in this business just to build and sell real estate. We’re here to build the best properties possible. To be the best, you have to push beyond regular expectations. We never answer a question with, “because it’s the way we’ve always done it.” At Mainstreet, we evaluate preconceived notions of health care, of architecture, of student housing, and beyond to build things based on the way they should be, not the way they’ve always been.

Disrupt & Innovate

Disruption is merely doing something differently than others. It’s about doing something that makes others, even an entire industry, want to do something differently, do something better. At Mainstreet, we innovate with the intent to disrupt. It’s not enough that our innovations help us — they must also help others to be better and do better.

Inspire Others

We believe in our company and expect excellence from our people at every level of the organization. We hold ourselves and our teammates to the highest standards so we can set an example to inspire others in not just Mainstreet, but the marketplace. Mainstreet is the leader to follow, and we aim to inspire a better industry for all.

Through inspiring others, disrupting the status quo to build sustainable innovation and thinking differently, we transform lives. These values make us the leader we are and guide our growth for the future.