Vital Takeaways

Unlike other companies, we encourage risk taking.

Collaboration and empathy guide how we treat each other to create an environment of hospitality.

We think Mainstreet is the best place to work. But don’t take our word for it. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce says so for the last four years.


It’s beyond your expectations

Working at Mainstreet is a rewarding and challenging experience in a collaborative environment built on sincere hospitality. We love it here.

Our mission of transforming lives is rewarding work, and we pride ourselves on working with the best and brightest in our industry. Mainstreeters, as we like to call ourselves, come from diverse backgrounds, but all exemplify a few key traits.

Attitude toward innovation

We recognize that an attitude toward innovation is essential. Our environment is constantly growing and evolving, and our team has to have an appropriate level of risk tolerance to stay on the leading edge.

Risk Taking

We encourage risk taking, even if it means making a mistake. Whether failing or succeeding, we do our best to learn with intent and purpose for the next challenge that arises.


We collaborate to solve problems, and our open door policy means that it’s not unusual for VPs to regularly interact with new hires. Even as Mainstreet grows at a swift pace, Mainstreeters keep culture at the heart of our workday.


Empathy guides our interactions with each other, no matter what department. Sharing is an integral part of our work life, from kitchen space and snacks to regular pitch-ins.


Our hospitality team is driven by the mantra “What can we do for you?” Our expert hospitality manager, specialists, and coordinators are the face of Mainstreet and our first line for customers and employees. Details matter, even down to the smell of a room, to ensure that everyone who interacts with Mainstreet feels our culture of love.

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