Property Group

Vital Takeaways

Mainstreet handles every step of property development from market selection to certificate of occupancy.

We continue to expand our partnerships with operators, architects and contractors in the senior housing sector.

Having access to capital allows for a variety of options for partners looking to grow and expand.

Winner of Senior Housing News’ Architecture & Design Award in the skilled nursing category in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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We are the nation’s premier developer of health care and housing properties.

We direct every stage of the process, from market selection to property opening, and continue to win awards for our designs.

Building the Best
As a full service developer, we direct and influence property development from site acquisition to ground-­breaking to ribbon cutting. Mainstreet collaborates with the best designers and architects in the industry to create the most innovative and patient­-forward properties in the market. We also oversee all construction to make sure that we’re not just on schedule and on budget, but to ensure that the quality of the design becomes a reality.

Building the Strongest Relationships
The properties we build are successful because of the relationships we build. We have strong partnerships with the industry’s top operators, expert and experienced builders, and the best producing REITs in the senior housing sector. This gives us the opportunity to create and complete properties and arrangements that others just aren’t able to do.

Building the Brightest Future
Mainstreet has developed more than 50 properties since 2008, accounting for nearly ~$1billion of development value. Each property ranges from around 70-100 beds and is purpose built to provide a wide range of post-acute care to aging Americans. Our growth since starting in 2008 has been unprecedented, award-winning and transformational to the industry. And, we’re just getting started.