Mainstreet Health

Vital Takeaways

Mainstreet Health creates care models that address specific health care gaps.

Led by an expert team with over 80 years of combined health care industry experience.

Utilizes relationship with Mainstreet Property Group to deliver care in properties designed from the ground up for that specific care model.

Transforming lives by changing how health care is delivered.

Mainstreet Health is Mainstreet’s health care operations company, consisting of experienced managers and care model architects working to redefine the health care industry.

Mainstreet Health was founded as an innovator specifically addressing the gaps in the health care continuum by providing operating models that revolutionize health care. The Mainstreet Health model seeks to identify the intolerable within the health care industry, and make it desirable for consumers and health care partners alike. Utilizing the expertise of Mainstreet Property Group, this model is then delivered in an ideal healing environment designed from the ground up.

Rapid Recovery Center®

Mainstreet’s new post-acute health care brand, Rapid Recovery Center® (RRC), is a health care model specializing in rehabilitation and care immediately following a hospital stay. Focused on getting patients well efficiently, RRC serves as the short-stay bridge between the hospital and home. RRC is poised to disrupt traditional post-acute models by combining physician-led care, integrated technology, personal attention and purposeful design to create the ideal healing environment for patients. By partnering with hospital systems and physician groups, RRC is changing how patients recover so they can get better, faster. RRC offers a differentiated model that seeks to reduce a patient’s average length of stay and decreases the potential for hospital readmissions, thereby creating significant cost savings for hospitals, patients, and payors (such as Medicare and private insurance). Our focus on results creates an incredible market demand for our product. To learn more about RRC, visit