Vital Takeaways

Rapid Recovery Center® is a short-stay health care model specializing in rehabilitation and care immediately following a hospital stay.


  • Clinical Excellence
  • Technology & Communication
  • Culture & Patient Experience
  • Purpose-built Design

Introducing a New Approach to Rehabilitation and Care

Rapid Recovery Center is a health care model where patients come to get better, faster.

Rapid Recovery Center® (RRC), is a health care model specializing in rehabilitation and care immediately following a hospital stay. Focused on getting patients well efficiently, RRC serves as the short-stay bridge between the hospital and home. RRC provides short-stay, high acuity rehabilitation and care across a broad spectrum of acuity and complexity for anyone 18 and older. Simply put, Rapid Recovery Center was created to get patients well, and get them back home.

RRC Operational Pillars

Our operational pillars are at the heart of everything we do. Our innovative approach is centered around:

  • Reducing readmissions to the hospital
  • Reducing the average length of stay in both the hospital and our properties. This allows for the potential for a more profitable throughput for hospitals, and honors the consumer and payor sources.
  • Providing physicians, patients and family members with timely information in a hospitable and loving manner.
Clinical Excellence

Our approach to care is truly unique. Dedicated to helping patients recover from more conditions, we’re pushing the boundaries of post-acute rehabilitation. Plainly put — we help more types of patients, we help them sooner, and we help them achieve positive outcomes.

Technology & Communication

We built our technology ecosystem with collaboration as a cornerstone and break down the silos of care with integrated electronic medical records. Our teams can seamlessly communicate with each other while working collaboratively with hospitals and home care. It’s modern care using the very latest in technology.

Culture & Patient Experience

Recovery takes more than therapy. It takes a dedication to the person as a whole — to helping them get the care they need physically, nutritionally and personally. Our person-centered care and warm hospitality provides a unique healing experience.

Purpose-Built Design

Every Rapid Recovery Center is designed from the ground up to create a safe healing environment that promotes recovery. We focused on every detail to ensure patients are comfortable at every turn and clinicians have all the resources they need to focus on delivering the best, most effective care. Our award-winning property designs have been recognized throughout the industry, creating a new standard for how post-acute properties should be delivered.